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i got grounded from the computer for a while.  i think i will not be on for a really long time. that means no wordpress, clubpenguin, or anything else. i will try and sneak on to see anything i am missing. so it could be til jaunary 1st, 2008 til i get back on. my brother blamed me for something i did not do. so i will try and sneak on to see if i missed anything on clubpenguin. or i will just have to miss all the parties til i am ungrounded. and i dont know what to do about my penguin. 4 to 5 months i could be off or i will never be able to go on this computer again. i will try to get on sometimes. but if not sassie will problity be off for a long time. well i just hope this groundation is not til i am 18 that is so unfar for something i did not do. right now i know its a really really long time. i will sneak on when i found out how long i am grounded. and i have no idea what to do with my penguin sassie. well bye and i will try and get on tomorrow.


so sorry

omg by accdent i i went to a page and i i pressed delte my blog my accdent i cant stop it im sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy plz forgive meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

stupid kevin!

kevin flash banned icyoceanblue ps this is tristan i banned flashrooster once and for all i hacked bc he was hacking everybody he might have hacked sky!sooo flashroster banned sky so i banned him back an dforever pss hes a liar o yea and jomamir c ill see you at the party yay!

The New age of the usa

hi everyone its dub, idk if joems takin the usa back, but i think we should put it into action, just think, USA VRS. KENT, also, theres a new addition, the usa seals, they r like those “sphan soldiers” joem created earlyier, they r highly advanced, and only 4 navy seals (in real life) are as powerful as a whole air raid, thats why they only need 4 of them per mission, so feel free to change your position, also the outfit is really kewl. If joems taking the usa back then i want to be the navy seals commander, i have a killer idea, all of the troops on cp could go on aim too, and we could have one big room, then, thats like our radio!!!! isnt that kewl!!!!!!!! and the seals could have thier own radio connection, but all troops will have a radio connection that is with everyone, Understood?