So Scary!!

Hi everyone. I know I have not made a post in a while cause I have been making some on other pages of this site and my other. It feels kind of scary knowing that people know where I live.  I always have this chill on my spine like he is going to drop something in my mailbox or ring my doorbell. After that, I found out that Yomomma768 lives close to me too. He said he went to the mall by my house and around that area. Its really creepy knowing Ive been where alot of people from Club Penguin have been. Who knows? Some beta tester might be your next door neighbor, but I doubt that. There is a Clonez2 on Club Penguin. I found out that its my friend’s sister that plays on it. Well anyway, be on the lookout. Alot of “penguins” are known to be in Illinois and New York.

I am starting school tomorrow. I don’t know how long I will be able to see you guys because I might have to much homework, but I will be on in the weekend. High School seems really hard, I mean, people are alot older then you and you just, change alot. Well, Club Penguin is designed for 8-14, and I am 14 right now. I don’t know when I will leave. I will be here for halloween of course, because I want to see the halloween party so badly. Anyway, who would I give a penguin to? I doubt I should because you guys would probably ban it like you did with Joem25. Its so hard to trust people nowadays.

Rockhopper came to Frozen today. I found him in the lighthouse. This was the first time I have ever listened to what he had to say. He gave some information about the boxes in the lighthouse. He said it was cargo or something. I don’t know. It was hard to read because everyone was “dancing next to Rockhopper”. I don’t think I have ever look at Rockhopper. All I see is his hat; nothing else because its covered by other penguins. How rude.

I don’t know what to say about the debate yesterday. It seemed like everyone was mad at each other. Tristan125 left in the middle of it, so Blapp said that he won. I don’t know, maybe we should do court again because there wasnt enough information given away to find out who did it.

I really liked the post that Joem made before about the close up on nutrition facts. There was one called “Vitamin Sea”. I know there is a penguin who goes by that name that I’ve seen on Frozen. Anyway, I might add that to my notes on my other site because it seems like it goes there.



5 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by tristan125 on August 21, 2007 at 12:32 pm

    yea dub lives in hte city snd i live in long island sooo i goota see where he lives maybe my dad and his dad could meet ill ask him oneday.and the court thing we need to do it again.

  2. sky can i delete the part about me?

  3. yahh. i live near dub! mikeyy99 too!

  4. Posted by blappkeyblade626treat56 on August 21, 2007 at 2:38 pm

    i will not do court again! im not guilty jeez! Please believe me. oh and make me admin of

  5. Posted by CHAWCHI on August 22, 2007 at 7:48 am

    Yes! No one knows where I live!

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