Hey everyone! Its Skydays147. Today felt like the worst day ever for me. I had to get up and leave to register for high school. Who knew that you had to wait in line for three hours straight just to pay for your books for the year? Well, it was hard, I felt like i was going to collapse on the ground from standing up so long. Well, the bad news in that the people in front of us and behind us were talking in some weird foreign language the whole time and all I heard was “blah blah blah”. How do you tell a foreign person to be quiet? I mean, they don’t speak english, well, I had to put up with that the whole time. Also, who knew it cost over 600 dollars to get your books for the year? What a pain. Anyway, I saw my locker for the year. It was really small, only about 6 inches thick, so I couldent fit anything inside during the year. My sister’s locker was huge! It really isnt fair though. How do I hang up something in there? Anyway, I bet you guys are lucky going into middle school, or still continuing lower school. There really isnt much to worry about, yet enjoy it while it lasts.

Well, the torture just goes on and on. I got braces yesterday, like I said before. I got them on my top teeth this time. I remember in May telling people I got them on the bottom teeth. Well, like all braces, they hurt alot, so I might not be able to do much posting because it is really hard to concentrate. It stinks though, you can’t eat any hard foods! I mean, all I eat is hard food, so it is tough to adjust to that. I got in so much pain at lunch today because the food was “killing” my mouth. I wonder how many days the pain lasts though. There is medicine for it, but I got to tell you people I can’t swallow pills, which is the problem. I’ll just have to wait. I hope it doesent interfere with my vacation.

I am going on vacation over the weekend in Wisconsin. I think you will see me on in the morning here on Saturday because I am leaving in the afternoon. But I hope everyone has a great weekend. I will do honors a little early this week because I will be gone, so keep checking because it will be there. 
Hey, I want to give a warm welcome to Shadow 126 for coming to this site every so often. You are a great friend of mine and  I know you have been asking me alot of favors, well, I will just put your player card up for now.  I want to thank you for trying to unban Skydays147. It really makes me feel alot better that other people care and thank you so much for your time even though it does not work. I really thought we needed someone new on this site. It seems like alot of people are leaving and I want to thank you for cheering people up.
It seems like if you had read in the newspaper, there are going to be new “tracks” for sledding tomorrow. I think it will be something like the mine cart surfing, how they changed that. I think they might re-arrange the logs, or add another ski slope. Well, we will have to wait for tomorrow to find out.


PS: Check out the photos page for more pics!


7 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by shadow 126 on August 9, 2007 at 9:40 pm

    Wow thanx for that!!! but what definatly stinks is that my Friend Italy and then some numbers said His uncle Rsnail wasnt able to get the other guys to agree well i was close!!! but sky i will try many more times and will NOT stop untill Skydays147 is UNBANND That i SWEAR lol Big speech ….ps i will become an admin eventually if i get the chance again …(as you can see im young but pretty good at typing but this is nothing ok well gotta go email cp to try again

  2. Posted by shadow 126 on August 9, 2007 at 9:43 pm

    Ps. sorry im posting so much im just excited i might be an admin

  3. i am not a crinmal that bans ppl like fiddy or dora… this is gamer18 and dont go and coment this wordpress and mocking me and stuff cuz i dont wanna be so bad i didnt mean to get u banned if i did! but sure enough it musta been sume1 else u changed ur paz! and u werent banned a week later ur banned! i exeplaned on future postes wat i did and thats all i can think of so sry for anything i caused ~gamer18 goodluck!

  4. i mean past postes lol sry its kinda late and im tired.

  5. Posted by shadow 126 on August 10, 2007 at 7:50 pm

    Umm sky im sorry.. the past couple days ive been kinda obsesed with you (howerver you spell that) and ive been asking you alot of favors too… 😦 Sorry… Umm i better practice typing cuz if sky lets me ill be a admin soon ahh im gonna stop commeting unless someone askes a question to me soo ya arghh im tired i went to the water park for my Bdat waterworld i went on a slide that was 70 feet high …gave me a wedgie lol

  6. shadow, im gunna add your pic to the photos page so check there

  7. sorry sky but i have a mac compter. but i be happy to make your header but. i can take pictures of sites. so maybe you could give me a link to that picture you want. and i will animate it.

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