Now What?

It really does not seem like alot of people are following by the new site, I don’t really understand. Its so weird because, people agreed on deleting their site and joining this one, yet nobody, except dublanous1 has done it. I don’t know where everyone went. Are people quitting this fast? Its so hard to tell now who quit and who hasnt. If someone could just give some info away, that would be fine. I don’t even feel like having a site really. Everyone who I followed in the past has left me. Joem25 left, Cool Lb left, Comrade Page left, Neltron1234 left, Ipodkid556 left, Dublanous1 left. I really don’t get it anymore. Its so hard to be a leader, I know that. I feel like I am doing this for nothing all of a sudden when I think of the people that left me. It is just… so hard. Well, I still have my new site and I still have my old site. Which should be deleted? Which should I follow by and which pages should I remove? Only cause I am really nice, I will just put two more drawings I made from CAD class:
PS: Header Updated


Over and Out!


4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Blapp/keyblade626/treat56 on August 7, 2007 at 10:06 am

    nice pictures

  2. ipod didnt leave.

  3. then where is he?

  4. frozen. i saw him last week.

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