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Weird Thing

Guys, sometimes when i log on to cp where my buddys r, i check 2  see whos on and i see I have no buddys!! and i check to see how many buddys i have and it says “0/100 Buddys” and when i do the same thing a couple more times, i see all my buddys. Weird, huh?


you know what IM REALLY about to QUIT cp cause i always so no to ppls friend requset and then they get sad or mad and then tell ppl not to be my friend and those ppl i say no too makes it my responsibility to cheer them up so dub plz stop it!ans plus now ive got the buddy bug!And im gonna need alot of convincing to stay!and dub i cannot add you so i crossed out the part about me ownin you an apoligy!!!

So confused ?_?

Okay I am so confused about the one giant site thing. Now I know that you want to have 1 giant one but can’t we just keep this one??? The other on is gonna be just like this one? That doens’t make any sense at all! If we want just 1 site we will all just dump ours and keep this one? Wouldn’t that be the sensable thing to do? LOL this is so weird I think we should just dump the other penguin tribune and keep this one. I mean it’s okay if you want to dump all of your 17,000 hits and your posts as old as April 18, 2007. But just make up your mind we can’t have two sites with the same name. But in the longrun just keep this site it would be way easyer. And just to let you now there is no way I am dumping my site….. I don’t care but alot of my other CP friends visit it.  Oh and does any one read my events page because if not I might as well delete it I knoticed only treat left a comment thanks treat.

Im back, but with exceptions

Hello Everyone its dub,i have come to reason that im comin back, but i want to give treat56 the USA, and blapp can be the commanding general, i am now fully with skys club (the peace club) and i will never go on mammoth again. And offence star owes me an apology. 😀

PS: Heres blapps photo: