what i want to know is…

Hello Everyone, its dub, what i want to know is how the heck does yomomma___ find out these things like gamer18 banned sky?!?!?


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  1. well, he was the one that said he would get me some coins. So yomomma768 talked to gamer18 and he hacked me a million coins and i didnt even know it and he did not tell me that if i didnt spend it all as soon as possible, i would get banned forever and thats what happen

  2. Posted by blappkeyblade626treat56 on August 2, 2007 at 6:49 pm

    suspicious but who cares its over skys gone theres nothing we can do

  3. ok i am gamer18 and i work at my friends,wordpress do not go to this wordpress and mess it up ok 1 day shadow9481 cums and says skydays needs coinz i sed ok hes gotta spend it all ok so then i get the coinz and u thank me and stuff and so next day after u changed ur pax everything u were in ur igloo logg off i noticed u havent been on a week so i began to worry and i heard that u were banned forever and stuff and i kinda new but i toled u its not all my fault its the furniture ppl haxed for u stop blaming it on me…so u notice i quited haxin a long time ok!! after u got banned i quited soooo….ya~ gamer18

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