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1 Giant Site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me and sky were thinking we should all form to gether and make one giant site.

Write a comment saying     A   or    B



P.S. Please don’t post any other comments that don’t have to do with this topic. Thnx for you cooaperation!

Joems Site Back????????????????

If you go to on the first post dapryn left a comment saying  he would give joems site back. Now is this true? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm? sounds suspicious.

No Revenge!

Ok now we no triston diddnt ban sky and people think gamer 18 did. Who cares? Its not like i dont care but theres no point to get him back! It’s not like sky can get unbanned if he catches him. all you guys would do is bann another penguin. Then he might come after you. Theres no point in revenge and like me sky and dub said P PEACE. Revenge isn’t going to solve anything. Now lets just forget about this. There is absolutely no need to bann another penguin. Sure its mean that he did that but if you fight fire with fire your going to get a bigger fire. Now I was keyblade now im blapp. Sky was skydays but now hes clonez. its over. no more of doing this nonsense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

skys killer, unvieled

acuully, skys killer, is not gamer18, i was in the attic just now, and i saw a guy named chewiit dude, he said he could unban people, and we played find four, we agreed if i won, he would unban sky; i was about to win when it was his move and he said “its stuck!!” and said he couldnt make his move, and kept on insisting it was stuck!!! he begged me to quit the game and i said no way!!! i win if you quit!! and then he finnally said there we go!! and it said he quit it, (now obviously it wasnt stuck lol) he just didn’t want to lose, then he kept on trying to avoid the subject and i challenged him to a rematch and losted, i was so mad!!! and then, jt came up and said “chewiit and trains 13 banned sky” (trains13 was a companion with him) and then finnally he said:
whatya think guys?? im pretty convinced

I finally found rockhopper

Okay this was kind of an weird story. I was looking for rockhopper with hamm and jom and they quit on me so it was okay with me i was looking by myself so i was searching for a while and then i had to go walk my dog so I checked one last server and rockhopper was on the ship!! I told hamm and jom but jom didnt answer me. Now Hamm is so happy. LOL

Search Team

Okay not alot of us found rockhopper yet so I am wondering if you guys wanna start a search team. So I need 3-5 people in each group:

This is for the american servers:

First Page: Mr hammjam, Tristan125

Second Page: Purplepizza6, JtMcpenguin

Third Page: Dublanous1, Jomarmic

Please comment to be apart of it.

Real Answers…

I really hope there isnt any more fighting from everyone. I want to give out some truth here. Yomomma768 told me who banned my penguin on AIM. He said it was Gamer18. He was the one that hacked me a million coins and got me banned forever. Ohhh… I wish that never happened, but thats the way it did. Gamer18 was also the one that copyed my igloo designs. I remember a bunch of posts back talking about how Gamer18 copyed it. Please don’t fight anymore. I really don’t want you guys accusing each other over nothing. You hurt alot of peoples feelings, like tristan’s. A couple of things happened today. I beat my high score in surfing:
I was doing this when I got Tristan some coins for his penguin. Its really hard to get more then one thousand becuase the waves keep coming and icebergs keep getting in the way. I was really determined this time. There was one more thing that I noticed on Frozen. There was this huge gathering of Polish penguins at the cove. I don’t know why they were there, but I could not understand anything they were saying. The kepts repeating “polska” which I think means polish because I remember seeing that word before when Ive been on wikipedia. Who knew?
Yea, one last thing: I met rockhopper today! I want to thank Yomomma768 for showing me him. I finally have the rockhopper background! It was kind of easy to find him now because I put him on my ignore list for tracking purposes. I was going to go on Tristans to get him the background, but rockhopper left! He is always on the move. I remember when he was giving out eyepatches and he stayed in the same spot the whole time.
Its kind of weird how the player card overlaps over the smiley icon. Also, the “ask to be his buddy” thing is a picture of someone winking. Anyway, thats all for now!

Over and Out!

PS: If you havent nticed already, there are more servers added to the US on the last page