Whats With Parka?

Parka: I dont know what is there yet, but I always see a huge gathering of penguins there at the dock, the beach, the ship and the ship hold. Is it Rockhopper there? I know from experiance that you can not get to Rockhopper easily; even when it turns out he is in the room next to you. You might know the answer why, but I will just tell you. Its the other penguins! I know I have talked about this a gazillion times (even though that is not a number) about how rooms get crowded. Boy golly! I would LOVE to dance next to Rockhopper as he gives out free items! Wouldent we all? Well, its unfair. There is seriously nothing fair about everyone not being able to get that free item. Sure, it would make people feel bad! Think of it like this: you have every item from the beta tester hat, up. Every single one, except this one. You know why? Becuase some freaky nonmember who joined in May or June is hogging up all the space! Hello? Get real people! Thousands of people waiting in line to get in the room while you go ahead and “change history” for many people. Anyway, why dont we all go to Parka! It is such a beutiful server there! So many nice people that want to talk to you! See? Look here:
Yes, and please, don’t mind the huge crowd in the background trying to get on the ship. Its probably for a wild party that is being planned, right? (Dont worry people, this whole time ive been sarcastic) Sarcasim rules. I think you should know that. I think it brings laughs. I remember a couple of posts back I talked about the “Welcome Aboard” sign at the Pirate party. You should read that if you havent. I think I will go back to Club Penguin now, and try to become even more jealous of the people that already received the pirate background at which I have slaved to get for the past hour (and still dont have it) and it probably took them one second.

Yeah, I might do that, or I could talk more about my site. I think I’ll do that. I was thinking about changing the header and putting everyone holding a newspaper at the top. Well, everyone that is an adimin or visits this site every few days. I have been getting alot of spam recently. I get a peice of it every day. Does ayone else have this problem with their site? Probably not. I checked the other sites and there is appoximetaly, ZERO spam! You dont know how lucky you are! I am just asking, becuase I recieved about 25 spam in the past few days. I know the akismet spam is really slow and the numbers dont go up when i delete spam. Ok, about the pages. I dont know which ones I should keep and which to get rid of. I think I will start off by adding pages. I will add some pages tomorrow, and delete some of them later; or change their names. I’ll see what happens when I get there. I think I will stop there. My hands are getting tired.


PS: I ought to tell you guys this, but you probably wont listen. Anyway, you can earn more coins faster in surfing then in cart surfer! Its true! I timed myself and saw how long it took to get 400 coins in each game, and surfing won! Plus, it is less effort you have to do. MY secret is that I play survival, dodge all the ice chunks and keep pressing “d” at the same time. I can get it so much faster and it does not get boring after the 5th time around!


5 responses to this post.

  1. dub, check your email

  2. Posted by Blapp/keyblade626/treat56 on July 30, 2007 at 9:43 am

    i am done with mammoth its now parka

  3. Posted by mrhammjam on July 30, 2007 at 12:07 pm

    So true

  4. Posted by dublanous1 on July 30, 2007 at 6:14 pm

    holy **** you’ve changed this place up alot!!!

  5. dub, put your header back up. sry i took it down, i was going to change the theme and it changed the header too

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