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All roles filled!

Hey everyone, its Purplepizza6. All the rolls are filled for the penguin movie Im making! I took one roll out because I thought of a different part without using that character. Check my site on Saturday because then all your lines will be filled so you can read them and practice them during the movie. At some points i’ll let you make up your own things to say but it has to go along with the movie. Thanks for helping me with my movie guys!

Over and out.

New Header

Hello Everyone, its dub!!! I made a temporary header for the newspaper design, and im glad sky could arange it so that it would fit, anyway, enjoy your summer!!!!

Did you ever notice?

I just noticed that if you dance with the water wings and duckie you float. Here are the pitcures to prove it:


Its really hard to see!

It finally happend!

I finally created a username so now i will be helping out withe a couple different blogs