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Calling All Administrators!

Hey everyone, I was thinking about making my site a little different then it is before. Well, it is called the penguin tribune, so I was thinking about making it in a form of a newspaper. There could be different sections, like there is in a newspaper and each page has one adimin, or owner of that page. Then they could be the one person that writes stuff to go into that category. I was starting to think about a few sections of our Penguin Tribune. This will not go into affect right away, but heres what I thought of:

  • Main story: This page talking about the top stories of the day, or something like that. It could be anything
  • Event page: This page talks about different parties that are coming up in CP, Rockhopper meetings, new catalogs
  • Entertainment page: This page is where I put in my photo workshop and people can sign up for photos, this will also be for parties between buddies, or maybe youtube videos
  • Politics page: Well, its sort of like that, but you can talk about what is happening between UMAs or some other army, or having peace treaties, anything like that. This will include the project page.
  • Buissness page: This will be like a chat page, and you can talk here about this site, advertising or anything in general
  • Awards page: Will replace the name of Honors and it will not just honor people, but it will include contests of any kind with winners of that.
  • Games page: This page will include any kind of game relating to CP or anything at all, this will include the notes section.
  • Word/Quote/Story of the day: Someone will be in charge of coming up with some kind of message that fits the day
  • Stowaway page: Still staying the same title, I will be in charge of that still

If you would like to be in charge of any of these pages, or are thinking about another kind of page, please comment below. Other then that, if you think this is a good idea or not, then comment.


Other then that, Rockhopper is coming back! If you have not noticed, his ship can be seen in the telescope at the beacon. I think he will be here by this Friday with free items so be on the lookout! I hope he brings back a new free item this time! I knew everyone was mad when he brought back the red bandana. That it for now but anyway,
PS: Here are some more drawings I made in my CAD class. This one is a 3D car, and yes, I got extra credit on it.
This one is a house model I made. It might be a little smudged because of the scanner, but here it is: