Numbers Back?

Well, it seems like the numbers are actually coming back to club penguin! Well, unfourtunately, they will only be available in the Safety Chat Bar. I think all that is in there is telling time in CP or things like that. Well, thats a bummer! Yet, at least they are keeping them. If you have not noticed already, there are still some other keys on the keyboard that are in the Saftery Chat like a hyphen -, period . and an apostrafe ‘. It will be just like that from now on. Its only getting worse and worse. Since nobody came up with a list of good things about bringing numbers back, I decided to come up with one:

1. If you want to meet up with your buddy somewhere else other then Club Penguin, you can tell your website name so they can talk to you more
2. You can call your buddie’s name easier with the numbers and not confuse a whole bunch of penguins while doing it
3. You can tell people what time a party is that you are going to throw
4. You can use different shortcuts in saying certain words, (Example: G2G)
5. You can tell people how many coins you have in numbers, instead of spelling it out the hard way

Well, I guess they are right though, about taking the numbers away. They don’t want us to tell any passwords, phone numbers, addresses; anything like that. It doesent matter really, but everything would be better if they were still there.

Anyway, off that subject. The party ended yesterday, which means no more free items! (Except for the friendship bracelet). Ohhh, that reminds me! About the project page… I guess the server project worked a bit. I feel the slightest urge to go to Frozen now. I finally feel comfortable and go on Frozen on a regular basis and I am proud of that. I don’t know what server you guys go on now, or if you even go on at all, but I think we should bring people from Mammoth to Frozen. I realize now that at least 66% of my buddies go on Frozen also.

I added more to the friendship page, like I said before in other posts. The server project is over now and I guess I will start with the Tour Project next. You can now join that, and one there is enough people, I will pick a date for that.

I am really sorry about yesterday during the photo shoot. I could not stay for the group photo because I was so busy! But anyway, it seems like alot of people like my new designs I have been making. Im not sure if I will keep it like that or not and dump the old design. The problem is that it is really hard to make because the color on the iceberg is not all white. Its sort of an “off-white” which means that the color is different then the “Paint Program White.” It was hard to fix those details on that because it takes too long to make. But I tryed to do a clear image on Purplepizza’s pic and it took me a long time. So if you really want a clear pic then tell me. I think I will use that method for special photos though.

About the notes page, another one was added to the page. Dub put it in, but that is fine with me.

Okay, enough with site stuff for now. I wonder what the camping party is going to be like. I am still not sure if it is going to be this following week or sometime in August. I think the cowboy and cowgirl clothing will come back in August for the camping party because I think it fits the theme kind of. Then the free item for the camping thing would be a bandana. I can’t wait for that.



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