Literally (No Comment) !

Wow! The keyboard for Club Penguin got smaller! How small can they get on this thing? First they get rid of quotation marks and commas, now they get rid of ALL the numbers and the period! Well, you can still use numbers to make your penguin name, but come on! You can not survive without saying numbers on CP! You need to say numbers for alot of things, like buddy names, maybe used in the coffee shop or pizza parlor as money, maybe to tell time. I don’t know! The list goes on and on… I am not sure if we should call or Email Club Penguin about this subject, but I think that they should come back. Plus, this is only making our typing worse then it was before without these keys. How do we write sentances? Yes, try to say something tomorrow without using numbers. I dare you all to do that. Try, just try. You are so used to using numbers all the time that now you have to spell it out.
Other then that, Club Penguin was updated today! There is a new free item in the plaza. As I predicted, it is a different color of the water wings! You can now get them in blue instead of orange. If you have not noticed already, Club Penguin has released alot of blue clothing items for nonmembers to wear. I think about 50% are blue from the beginning of this year until now. Also, finally! CP released a hand item! Last one since January.
The pin this time is in the pizza parlor! You can find it on the piano. I think this pin is a cart because of the new moves on cart surfer. As you noticed already, there is a new furniture catalog out today! I think this one is pretty cool, the water furniture. I love ocean and so this was one of my favorite. I thought they would release the fountain, because it is water and it would go well with the theme. Also, remember when they had hidden items in the furniture catalog? What ever happened to that? Anyway, enjoy it well!
PS: I found something out about nonmember penguins. When you are a member and turn a nonmember, people can still see your igloo filled with furniture when you are logged off. Yet when the nonmember is logged on, it appears completely blank. This is what I keep trying to tell people but they don’t listen. For example, Sky Days was buddies with Purple Shark. When I went to Purple Sharks igloo when it was not logged on, there was furniture in it and the chritsmas music was playing


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