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Water Party!

Hey everyone! I hope you have a great weekend so far. A couple of great things came out, One: The Water Party! I really looks great. The decorations are nothing like I expected! Also the umbrella hat! I thought it would be the water rings… but then again, CP already brought back too many old items this summer so that does not seem possible.


The other great thing: Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix came out today in theaters! I can not wait to see that one. I saw the other Harry Potter movies and this one should be great. Theres also two bad things today. One: The underground is closed! All the entrances are sealed shut!


I tryed going there on the spy cell phone, but there was no button to go there. CP had it all planned out so that NOBODY could go in. I also tryed the secret agent headquarters, which did not work either. Sorry to all the people who have no coins because CART SURFER IS CLOSED FOR A WHOLE WEEK. Good luck to you all and good luck finding coins. The other bad thing is that it is Friday the 13th!!! Try not to get in bad luck today, well, this is a pretty unlucky day, I guess.This post will be updated later today…


Over and Out!