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Sony Pushes Away!

Hey everyone. Sorry I have not posted yesterday, my computer got really slow and I could not do anything. Anyway, its a little better now, becuase I can finally write a post, yet now my AIM isnt working and I need to get that fixed. Anyway, about the title. Well theres that and one other thing…

Hey everyone! Sony is not buying Club Penguin anymore! They decided to move on to other things. Thank you Tristan125 for the article to that. Also, any people planning on quitting because of Sony, you don’t have to worry anymore because they are not coming back. CP did not accept the 500 million they had offered. Yet, there are STILL buyers looking at Club Penguin other then Sony, which is the problem.

Now, the other bit of news. There is no such thing as “Waddle World.” That is what they had said in the article also. Club Penguin has no idea about it and the whole forums, beta tester thing is a fake. They were just trying to get the attention from us, which failed.  I hate fake ads. They make me sick.

Oh yea, and theres a new poll released today on the main page:
My computer freezes all of a sudden, so dont get mad at me if I dont update something the day it is supposed to be because I’m having lots of problems. Also, my horrible sister wont let me scan anything on the computer to post on my site because she likes being in a room alone. Not the one that used to go on Clonez, my other sister. I am really sorry everyone. I want to scan something but I cant becuase she stays in that room for like 8 hours watching her anime, yea shes 15, also the scariest girl I’ve ever met, not at all social.The Notes page might take a while to update, because I have photos saved on the computer in my room and I can’t get to them now, which stinks. But I’m just telling you this now so you dont get mad.

Oh yeah, the new newspaper came out today and the cave where the swimming pool and where the cart surfer is will be under water. That means you wont be able to play cart surfer. I will miss the underground. Its gunna be gone for a while week. How will I earn coins in that time? Well, I will have to say my final goodbyes…

The construction was great while it lasted…