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Group Photo!

Treat will be taking a Group Photo of the folllowing people





Jomarmic (can’t make)


Ld 50 Fire


Dr Oct

Mr.Hamm Jamm (can’t make)

JT Mc.Penguin


Saturday July 14th

6:30 PST

Please Let Me Or Blapp know if you cant make it or can make it

In The server Canoe Which Is In Canada

Night Club

Your name will be crossed out if you CAN make it

New Servers!

Well, if you have not noticed yet, and I know I havent until now, but there are new servers in the USA. I am so happy that CP finally added more because it was needed. I know alot of you see the the servers pile up fast and so this was a really good idea. Anyway, here are the names of the servers:
I know, like all the servers, these ones also had to do with Club Penguin. Well, all except for bubble gum, other then that, it all fits. I think it would be hard to come up with names for servers. I dont know hwo they come up with such random names and I think some are repeated.

Also, a bit of info about the water party, here is a sneek peek picture that is from the party coming this friday:
I remember somebody telling me that the ice rink was going to be filled with water for it, but I forgot who. Anyway, good guess people. This party will be lasting 5 days and I heard that there is going to be a free item for this party so be on the lookout. That would be pretty cool if we were actually able to go on the slide and come down it. Anyway, if you like water, this will be the perfect party for you!

I think I am going to get unbanned on Skydays147 Yomamma768 keeps telling me this because he has called CP and talked to Melissa and he said there is a 100% chance of me getting unbanned if my parents talk to Melissa from CP staff. This might take a while.. I mean, I leave at 7:30 in the morning for summer school every day. I will just have to wait… wait for that moment… I STILL dont know if they are open on weekends.

I remember in one of my comments I said something about scanning some more photos up for you guys to see. That might take awhile becuase my sister is always in the room with the scanner and she locks the door all the time, so it will be hard to get to it. Not the sister that used to go on Clonez, my other one. Anyway,


PS: Good Job on this awesome group photo!


Club penguin is down? My computer says can’t log on to that website? Any one else haveing this problem. Ps : not quiting