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I got hacked again!!! Good thing I am only banned for 24 hours this time. Thank god.

Odds and Ends

Okay everyone. I know I have not put all of my buddies up yet, so I will just put it here. Its a really long list, so the font is made smaller. These are the buddies for Clonez: 

07 Vick Star, 0xgreendayx0, Aj1133, Alison52, Allstarlah96, Beatkapawel, Bentley14, Beta Pokemon, Bill Gates99, Bjbj11, Blapp, Blue Vs Red, Bobex Cool, Brandonries, Carlos A 19, Caxianer, Cazi413, Claytoo, Clonez2, Cookie Jrs, Cool Lb, Dadoggs, Deuce 2, Dublanous1, Ewqcxz, Fabeo2, Faith1997, Flipperss566, Fluffball716 ,Furry57, Gb10, Glen 123, Godzilla970, Gordy354, Greenwobble, Grennyer, Guyhi, Hoverboy, Hug A Pug 17, Inkdotdude, Inu05, Ipodkid556, Jeffcool, Joem25, Jomarmic, Jt Mcpenguin, Korean Jo, Lillen5000, Lucario98765, Meelebro3, Melkman28, Mia6rbd, Mikeyy99, Mr Hamm Jam, Mtview300308, Nippykam, Nomanslen, Offence Star, Oysacee Jr 4, Oysacee Jr 5, Paintboy198, Pguin12, Pop Flob, Popcikle, Poppy Flob , Purplepizza6 ,Raptor14, Reddy 95, Roket Boy 10, Ronaldo1mil, Ryanryan189, Sherriff Jr, Siegs, Sissyrockson,Ski Powder, Sky 213, Sky Days, Skydays123, Skydays147, Solovendo, Sportskid222, Spy231, Srb5, Steelerfan57, Supermonkey0, Tonykid7, Tottalynar, Treat56, Tristan125, Tristan145, Tux A Girl, Tv Tigir, Tyler3434, Vorganhays, Yankee Dog, Yankeemanfc, Yankeesfc, Yavin lo3, Yomomma768, liltickoff101

Ouch my wrist hurts. Thats alot of writing, lol


Tristan wants me to advertise here for his site. He wants to tell people that his site gives you memories about the past parties about buddies and you can get to his site by clicking here


Also, the poll on the main page of Club Penguin has been updated, here is the new poll:
To vote for this poll, go to the main page of Club Penguin and click on “Penguin Poll” to cast a vote.


The clothing catalog also comes out tomorrow. I heard that there is going to be “firefighter” clothing. I wonder what that is all about. I guess we will all have to wait until tomorrow to find out.