Sorry every I have not been posting lately. Its summer and I know people have better things to do with all of this free time. The have decided that I will change the days that I will updated it. This may be different for the other people that are adimins and I know I have been doing it already.

Changed Updates:
Main page: I will add something every 1 – 3 days
Honors page: Update times are the same
Notes page: I will add something every 9 days
Stowaway page: I will add something every 2 – 3 days

Okay, now that I got that over with, I can talk about different things other them this site

I never knew how Club Penguin would be in the summer. It seems like everyone is leaving on trips or something and I never imagined it. Well, I am staying because I have summer school. Whatever you do, have a great time this summer. School is out and I really want all of you to take a great advantage of that in your free time. The Friendship project is doing great so far. I have gotten alot of new members of it and I am not sure if I should do any meetings for it. I have decided that I will let people vote on a project we could work on first. Heres what I thought of:

A. Try and make another popular server other than mammoth.

B. Getting new members to join in by wearing the wristbands and getting attention

C. We could do protests during the wars to stop the fighting between armies

That is all I thought of so far. If any of you could think of other ideas on what we can do in this group, please mention, other then that, every vote counts and choose between those 3 choices

Rockhopper is still in Club Penguin and I thought he would leave this Monday… Oh Well….

Clonez (AKA Skydays)

Over and Out!


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