Bday Party Idea

Hello Every1 Dub speaking. I am thinking for my Birthday party, (which Ill be holding on the 14th, (Thursday) I will have a hockey game. What I was thinking was I was going 2 make two teams and then have them play each other in a game. Im not sure about alot of the details,
plz note!
I will be choosing the teams randomly, i will put it to teams so it will be fair, i will not be choosing my better friends on my team, and my more distant friends on the other team, so do not complain plz.
I am going to be inlisting from now to the 14th, so if u want to come 2 the party, then sign up now!!!
Unfourtanately, only 14 people can sign up, its not that I dont like u, or dont want u 2 come, its just I don’t want the court over crowded, i will have at maximum 7 people on each team, (including me) and one reff. If u get this post to late and 14 people have already signed up, then u can just stay on the stands and watch. I kno it probably wont be that exciting, but the game will proably only be at most 15 minutes, proably ten.
Thank you,
P.S. If you’re interested in being reff, then read this!
If you’re reff, then u wear any outfit u want but u have 2 be wearing a whistle. U blow the whisle when some1 makes the goal, or if its half-time, which will be 5 minutes. If yr reff then u “serve” the ball by saying: ready set go! at the begining of the game or at the begining of the second half. If some1 scores, then the goalie of the opposite team gets to serve the ball.
P.P.S I am very excited, i will post a couple more times about this event, including the layout of the team when the teams are made,
Thnx again,


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  1. Dun you should have a little more then 14 because there is a high chance that some players might not show up. This does not mean they all play at once, maybe just some back-up players for each team just in case

  2. sure, I can play in that event

  3. i can come

  4. Posted by mrhammjam on June 9, 2007 at 10:16 pm

    I will reff dub!!!

  5. hey dub i will try to come but i cant promise it. my parents are more spontanious. if i ask them if i can go on cp at that time that could say yes or no. srry but i will try try try!! to come

  6. what time is the parT?

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