What Do I Do?

Well, I really do not think I want the funny picture category because I really think I am not going to make progress with it, but anyway, I am thinking about changing it to a different page.

I was thinking about everyday doing a journal entry about what is happening for me in CP. this page is going to be differnt then other huge news, it is just telling my life. I am planning on doing this is a kind of “dear diary” format. I was wondering what you thought of this. Anyway, the weekly poll that will be here on moday will be about naming this page and I was thinking about getting you suggestion on who I would be writing to such as, instead of “Dear Diary,” it could be changed to Dear ___,.

In other news, today was really horrible for me. I got hacked again by some mean person called “We Be Burning” or something like that. This person is trying to track me down and get me banned forever! How do I know this? My buddy shadow told me about him and today I lost all of my 100 thousand coins from him and it is impossible to get them back! I really feel like crying over it, but then again, I kind of think “whatever….” Coins have not been a huge concern for me and i dont usually buy anything. It is going to take me FOREVER to earn them back.

Well you might be thinking, “how did you earn 100 thousand in the first place?” Well, I make goals every month that my coin average should go up 10 thousand each month, and after 7 months, I had 100 thousand. It really is not easy to earn coins in CP. Everyone asks me to get them coins but they do not realize how much time I go through because my penguin is older then them. Even though when people ask me to get them coins, their coin amount goes up ALOT faster then me because of this begging. Ok, maybe that did not come out right, but try to make some sense of it.

Some big thing in the news is rockhopper’s locked up room on his ship. So many people have been talking about a key and they have been looking all over for it. Well, that is true that there is a key, since there is a lock, but that does not mean it is hidden so you can find it. In the Club Penguin blog, they say in one comment that the room will not open until rockhopper’s next visit, but for now, rockhopper is still cleaning up that area.


Over and Out!

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  1. Posted by dublanous1 on April 29, 2007 at 4:36 pm

    Kool sky

  2. Posted by treat56 on April 29, 2007 at 5:31 pm

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