Pirate Party I

Well, the pirate party FINALLY came out after all of that mischeif. Hopefully, people will stop bugging my about where I got the steering wheel and the porthole. The party will last 5 days, as if says in the newspaper. As you can tell so far, I have changed the header for a short period of time in honor of the party. This will only be temporary. Anyway, the pirate party rocks, yet they lied to everyone. In the Club Penguin Blog entry, they said that the party will only have 1 free item at this party, but instead there were two: the sailor’s hat and the puffle bandana! Unfourtunatly, they are both hats, and I really dont like that CP keeps putting out mostly hats and not other things. I have about 3 times more hats then my other items combined! It took me forever to make all of these pictures because I had to edit them so much because of the amount of people barging in the way of the item. It has been so busy on Club Penguin because the staff choose not to add more servers and it is so unfair to anyone. I edited these ones so much, it is kind of easy to see the editing marks. Anyway, here is the party:

The first free item is the sailor’s hat. You can find this hat in the plaza in the bottom right corner.


The second is the jewel. YAY I was right! I knew it would be a jewel! Anyway, the pin is in the ski village by the slopes. Click on the treasure chest to release the pin so you can take it.


The ship came in today (friday) and the new thing about it is the ship’s hold. The new room has the captain’s room plus now the clothing and furniture can be bought here.


The free item on the ship is the  puffle bandana


The member items are the Captain’s Coat, The Porthole, and the Steering Wheel

Captain’s Coat cost 650 coins (clothing)

Porthole cost 160 coins [furniture (wall)]

Steering Wheel cost 210 coins [furniture (wall)] 

Plus, the captain’s log has been updated


To access it, click on the book on the ship or the book in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.


Over and Out!

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