Item List

I have too many things to give away and the only way to not spoil them all is to tell them all at different times. This list can help you find what clothing items you own are rare and how rare they are. Unfourtunately, I could not get some info before september 2006 because that is when I joined, so I dont know much about what went away during that time. Anyway, here is the list I made. I think it will be very useful even if you are a new penguin, so you can learn a little more about club penguin’s past.

Rare Items +Party Non-Member Item #Party Member Item


Striped T-Shirt + (came back!!!)

Sailor’s Cap + (came back!!!)


Red Sunglasses (came back!!!)

Blue Sunglasses (came back!!!)

Yellow Sandals (came back!!!)

Sombrero (came back!!!)

Top Hat (came back!!!)

Grass Skirt (came back!!!)


Safari Hat # (came back!!!)

Admiral Hat #

Eye Patch + (came back!!!)

Blue-Green Party Hat +

Wizard Hat + (came back!!!)

Superhero Mask (came back!!!)

Clown Costume (came back!!!)

Clown Shoes (came back!!!)

Western Boots (came back!!!)

Lasso (came back!!!)

Clown Wig (came back!!!)

Striped Tie (came back!!!)

Black Tie (came back!!!)

Black Cape

Superhero Cape (came back!!!)

Ghost Sheet (came back!!!)

Fairy Wings (came back!!!)

Skeleton Costume (came back!!!)

Wand (came back!!!)
Western Vest
Pink Two-Piece Bathing Suit (came back!!!)
Blue Two-Piece Bathing Suit(came back!!!)


Green Cape #
Suit Jacket and Shirt (still available for secret agents)
Red Swimsuit (came back!!!)
Blue Swimsuit (came back!!!)
Pink One-Piece Bathing Suit (came back!!!)

Flippers (came back!!!)

Cowgirl Hat (came back!!!)

Cowboy Hat

Diver’s Helmet (came back!!!)


Pearl Necklace (came back!!!)

Life Jacket


Blue Mask and Snorkel #

Admiral Uniform # (came back!!!)

Pirate Bandana + (came back!!!)

Santa Hat + (came back!!!)

Santa Beard + (came back!!!)

Blue Polo Shirt

Pilgrim Hat (came back!!!)

Red T-Shirt (came back!!!)

Red Cheerleader Uniform (came back!!!)

Blue Cheerleader Uniform (came back!!!)

Overalls (came back!!!)


Elf Hat (came back!!!)

Elf Costume (came back!!!)

Elf Shoes (came back!!!)


Maracas + (came back!!!)

Wristwatch (came back!!!)

Messenger Bag (came back!!!)

Red Polo Shirt

Brown Slip-On Shoes (came back!!!)

Green Mask and Snorkel (came back!!!)

Red Football Helmet (came back!!!)

Blue Football Helmet (came back!!!)

Yellow Scarf


Pirate Dress #

Gold Wristwatch #

Pirate Belt +

Snowflake T-Shirt + (came back!!!)

Ice Crown +

Ballerina Outfit

Black Cowboy Hat

Ballet Slippers

Red Jersey (came back!!!)

Blue Jersey(came back!!!)

Feather Boa


Sailor Shirt #

Tri-Corn Hat #

Pirate Shoes +

Shamrock Hat + (came back!!!)

Friendship Bracelet + (available from this point on)

Snowboard Helmet (came back!!!)

Parka (came back!!!)

Ski Goggles

Pink Letterman Jacket

Green Letterman Jacket

Black Letterman Jacket

Bunny Slippers (came back!!!)

Hockey Stick (came back!!!)

Hockey Helmet (came back!!!)


Blue Propeller Hat +

Novelty Glasses +

Blue Bunny Hat (came back!!!)

Snowshoes (came back!!!)

Snowflake Mask

Winter Cape (came back!!!)

Magenta Scarf

Hard Hat (came back!!!)

Sunglasses (still availabe for secret agents)

Shamrock Dress

Leprechaun Tuxedo (came back!!!)


Over and Out!

7 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by clubpenguinchick on October 12, 2007 at 6:28 pm

    i dont understand

  2. Posted by angeldoll99 on January 17, 2008 at 7:04 pm

    cool, i wish i could have been around that long, i’ve had mine since about the end of July 2007

  3. sweet im ganna be a member soon!!

  4. P.S. I work with CP

  5. Posted by Dj Big Guy on July 12, 2008 at 4:57 pm


  6. Posted by beta on February 20, 2009 at 5:45 am

    This is all screwed up you don’t have a QUARTER of the items.

  7. Posted by girl14858 on September 14, 2010 at 6:39 pm

    woow i missed so much stuff and i was around then! my fault for not going on as much 😥

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