Poll #1

I am sorry it took so long to post this today because I had so much homework, but here is the survey:

Do you have more buddys that have penguins that are older then yours, or younger then yours?

A. Older                    B. About the same

C. Younger               D. I dont know

The reason I am asking this question is because I think that people with penguins that are younger have buddys that are the same age or younger then and people who are older penguins have people the same age or older. Here is a chart I made about what I think people would answer for this question

Even though I dont believe in a popular/nonpopular, I still think that it affects who has older friends. No offence to anyone who has played from september and before then (including me) I predict that if you joined in that time, you would have friends older then you. Plus I think that the older penguins are ALOT more selfish and would not ever be friends with a younger crowd. Even though I am in that category, I still believe that all penguins can be friends such as someone who joined in April 2007 and someone who joined in September 2006. Do you agree that the older penguins get older friends? Also, another factor that I forgot was that non members have few older buddies. One: because most of the older non members become members. Two: because unfourtunatley, they do not stand up at all to the members. Let me hear what you think

PS: something I noticed now is that alot more people want to be my friend all of a sudden. I have been wearing the same clothing for a few months and ever since the stuff got out of the catalog, slowly and slowly do people start coming around me. It is so weird because a second ago it was in the catalog and now it isnt. I think it is very hard to keep track of what is new and old now that things are coming and going


Over and Out!

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