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Catalog Secrets and More

Okay everyone here are the secrets for the April through May furniture catalog:

The first one is the king’s throne. You probably know where it is already, because its been in the same spot, but I am still putting it in if you have not found it already:


(Above) click on the word “throne” in the picture to find the kings throne

The next one is the Big Screen TV:


(Above) click on the word “LCD” to find the Big Screen TV

The last thing I found is a mistake in the catalog on the last page:


The mistake in this picture is that this is already the April-May catalog. When it says that these items will not be in the april catalog, then why are they there? Shouldent it be “Available in the MAY furniture catalog” ?

PS: please sign up or advertise for the find four tournament. I will pick a date once all or most of the spots are full.


Over and Out!