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Did You Know (Part 1)

I have added a new section to my wordpress. It is called “Did You Know.” This is something out of the ordinary on any club penguin wordpress. The main point of this is that I will show you each week something on my mind that is really confusing and I want to hear your thoughts on it and if you have noticed this before. I have already typed a few, but if you have any other ideas besides the ones that are out so far (or coming later in the future) please email me and  or comment in the space provided this one is a sample I have just thought of:


Do You see anything un ordinary about this picture? I will give you a hint: it is at the top right corner. The problem in this picture is that when I was playing sled racing, I noticed that not just a star showed up on the race track, but 3 other smileys. of course other people are playing the game, but why a smiley? Doesent a smiley mean that the penguin is your buddy? It even has the same face as the buddy list smiles and the same reddish mouth. While I was playing this game, none of the others were my buddy. I am thinking that this was a mistake that club penguin has not yet found. Tell me what you think of this picture.


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Site Improvements

I have thought about a couple of things I want to put on this site. I am aiming for a web page that will be totally different from anyone elses. I am deciding not to add pages such as password box, or cheats, or things like that. I am aiming for some kind of page that is original and here are some thoughts I had about adding:

1: I want to add a page about honoring penguins. This does not mean penguins can only be honored if they are on my buddy list or recently on my buddy this. This does not mean that they have to be a member.

2: I want to add a page in which I reveal things you have not thought about in Club Penguin. I have been thinking and thinking about this one and have come up with so many things to add to this category, yet I REALLY want to know how to put pictures in

3:I want to add a remember when page because I think it is great that penguins get to express their feelings and what ever they need to say. This was not my idea

4: I want to add a weekly poll or something to get attention from people and see what people have to say about certain Club Penguin topics

I dont know how far this web page is even going to go, or even if I will add any progress. I am STILL confused about how to add pictures and how to add other web pages. This thing needs alot of work. Thank you Joem25 and Dublanous1 for helping me with this site. That was very kind of you


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